SMOTION systems are robust cost-effective and real-time motion solutions

Motion & Test Systems Catalog; MotionENG


The SMotion-6/1500 Motion System is designed for a wide range of simulation,

training and motion control applications.

Typical applications areas are;

-Simulators for cars, trucks, construction machines etc.

-Simulators for small aircrafts, light helicopters, armed vehicles etc.

-Motion ride for entertainment

-Suitable for turret systems

-Tests for automotive industry (suspension, vibration, harshness tests etc.)

SM1500 Catalog; Motion_System_ENG


-Assembled motion platform including six electromechanical actuators, moving frame, base frame and the necessary attachment interface for ground and simulator cabin fixing

-Motion control computer with various ethernet based communication interfaces

-Hard real-time motion control software with interpolation, motion cueing, communiction and control capabilities

-Interface for motion recording, loading and playing applications

-Specially designed user friendly GUI based on state-flow driven menu

-System electronics with motor drivers and sensorial network

-Interconnecting cabling between the subsystems

-User tunable motion cueing algorithm